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Friends of the Disabled Latin America (FRIDLA)

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Those with special needs in Latin America are usually isolated at home. The entire family can be segregated from the community and from the church. There is a stigma attached to the family. Many schools will not accept them. People with special needs often cannot find work.

If the special need happens to be the result of an accident after the person has finished their education, the individual will most likely never be able to use their skills to earn a living. We met a gentleman who had just graduated from college and was ready to begin work as a CPA. He was injured by a hit and run driver and has spent the rest of his life as a paraplegic. Because he must use a wheelchair, his education mental capacity means nothing. He has to make little trinkets by hand to sell to earn money.

FRIDLA educates community and church leaders on the Biblical perspective regarding outreach to the people with special needs and the importance of incorporating them into the local life. The established local partner organizations mobilize volunteers in the local churches. This enables ministry to continue in the community with the ongoing support of FRIDLA.

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