Distribution & Mobility Equipment

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FRIDLA went into Bolivia in 2001 through COICOM and their "Plan 1000 Days" (a plan to win the country for Christ in 1000 days). In 2002 we disability awareness training in Santa Cruz.

FRIDLA has established a partner organization (Corazones en Marcha de Bolivia – COMARBOL) based in Santa Cruz. There are churches, trained leaders and volunteers involved in doing ministry in several areas of the country. COMARBOL is working in Santa Cruz, Trinidad, Santa Ana de Yacuma, Oruro, El Torno, Montero, La Paz and Cochabamba.


We began to pray for God to open a door for us to take the ministry into Uruguay in 2000. He opened the door in 2007 and we shipped the first container in 2009. We are currently working in three States (Intendencias). They are Durazno, Florida, Flores and the cities of Paso de los Toros and Sarandi del Yi.


The Ministry began in Santiago in 1996. Since this was the first country, many changes have been taken place over the years. The established ministry partner is CORCADIS and is based in the Santiago Metropolitan area.


Peru was first opened in 1999, and we worked in Lima and Arequipa until 2002. We reentered Peru with a new initiative in 2010. We are currently working in the southern part called Tacna. It is just 15 miles from the Chilean border.

More than 19,000 other mobility devices fitted/distributed

support the ministry


Wheelchairs and Mobility devices for the disabled

FRIDLA and their USA partner ministry, Westminster Wheelchair Workshop, collect most types of used durable medical equipment (DME), i.e. wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc. The DME is then refurbished by volunteers to like-new condition. FRIDLA demands that the equipment goes out in "God honoring condition". All people are created equal by God and all those with special needs deserve equipment in the very best condition.

FRIDLA establishes repair facilities in each country and trains local technicians to maintain and repair the equipment. Several who receive equipment have become technicians and assist with custom-fitting and maintenance. As ambassadors for Christ, we cannot give someone a wheelchair and not provide a way for them to maintain it and get it repaired, even replaced, if necessary.



Sharing the love of Christ is facilitated when we are able to show that we care about not only the disabled person's spiritual condition, but also their physical condition by providing mobility tools to aid them in their every-day life.

Each family that receives assistance is presented a Bible and our volunteers patiently evangelize the entire family that is affected by disabilities.